We change the traditional way ofdeveloping brands for this type of products and our proposal is basedon the irony of sugar consumption, in the end we all fell into thetemptation of eating a chocolate donut, the first step to acceptaddiction is to recognize it. A simple solution that bases strength onthe messages it displays through its applications.







It is almost impossible to resist the offer of a donut accompanied by a glass of milk or coffee, it does not matter if we are on a diet or not, nor how harmful is the sugar, a donut is a donut.

The origin of the name “donuts” is somewhat debatable. Some say it refers to the nuts that were placed inside the dough ball to prevent the center from remaining uncooked, while others claim that it refers to “dough knots” which where another popular form of the olykoeks. But is indisputable that we all feel a certain weakness for the infinite variety of flavors combination.

Not so fun fact: Sugar creates addiction indeed.

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