︎ ︎ Re: Levant poster exhibition, Tel Aviv, Isarel / Play.Station show, Barcelona, Spain / Clock art for Conde Nast, Hong Kong , China / LAD Fest, Lima, Perú / CCE mexican artists north to south México city, México / Mural intervention Once TV, México city, México / Vertigo gallery art show, México city, México / Narcográfico solo poster show, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua / Ilustrando el diseño solo show, Chihuahua,Chihuahua, México / Pecha Kucha poster show, Chihuahua, Chihuahua, México / Narcográfico II collective art show, Chihuahua, Chihuahua, México / Mural intervention CCE México city, México.

Appear in:

Computer Arts Magazine (UK)
How Magazine (US)
Brand New by UC. (USA)
Eye on AIGA (US)
A! Diseño (México)
Picnic (México)
Nice Fucking graphics (México)
Stilo Magazine (México)
Homify Magazine (Germany)
The Dieline (US)
Behance (US)
Quaterly by Brand New (US)
Abduzeedo (Brazil)

Brand D Magazine (Hong Kong)

Gallery (China)

Branding and Spaces by Monsa (Spain)

Knife and Fork by Gestalten (Germany)

Domestika (Spain)


LSN Global (UK)
Experimenta Mag ( Spain)
El Fanzine (México)
BOB Magazine (Korea)
The art of the Menu (USA)
Local Bliss (México)

Inkult Magazine (México)
Glocal MX (México)
Arca Lab ( México)
Yorokobu (Spain)
Illustrative by Victionary (Hong Kong)
Eat and Stay by Sandu (China)
The oriental touch by Sendpoints (China)
Color Code by Sandu ( China)
WTP (Russia)

Designhooked (Barcelona)
Los Logos (German

Some talks:

-Picnic Arts Media
CDMX México

-Student seminar
CDMX México

-Design Week
Mérida México

-Design Week
Monterrey México

-Jórnadas de Arq.
Chihuahua México

Cd. Juárez México

Portfolio Review
Mérida México

-Pro Diseño 
Tampico México

-Dejando Huella
Tipos libres
Querétaro México

-Student Art Show
ELP Texas Usa

-Cut Out
Querétaro México

Oaxaca México

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