Land offers interior design services for home and offices, and also is a distributorfor decorationpieces by catalog.For the development of branding we focus on refraining the personality of theowner of the company, she loves the warm and serene colors, a combination of zen environments andradiant luxury, chic and spiritual, is its territory.



Concept Art




The main objective was to develop a brand that encompasses the main characteristics of every project. A slick brand in terms of use of color, shape and packaging needs, which can be very diverse.

“LAND plans as a design studio to integrate products from local designers but also offer alternatives to import carefully selected distributors, this combination will promote the design in the locality, creating an interesting projects of interior design.”

Land conveys an idea of a personal territory, very intimate and very warm, as cozy as a sunset.

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Estudio yeyé is a creative studio based in Mexico. We are a full-service office offering strategy, design & production for all kind of commercial projects, related to brand development.


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