One of the main printing stores in Chihuahua, Copymartz, goes through a process of brand redesign and user experience, our proposal, tries to talk about the new Copymartz, more efficient and more friendly with the client, the idea is to print a spirit of service and attention within the new system.







Both the typography and the logo express movement, understanding the diversity of possibilities at the time of printing and a satisfied customer.

A range of colors that walks between purple and blue, serve as the main language of the brand, rounded and simple lines express the actions of printing, copying and making your ideas come true. We keep a simple and readable brand narrative, in this way we represent a simple and efficient service.

The mechanics of the graphic system lies in the interaction of shapes and colors, as it happens in the very process of printing, our system talks about processes and printing methods in an easy and dynamic language.

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Estudio yeyé is a creative studio based in Mexico. We are a full-service office offering strategy, design & production for all kind of commercial projects, related to brand development.


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