I choo choose you.

Locomotive’s technology applied to tacos. Tizne is a bicycle/kitchen offering the best smoked tacos you can find through the streets of Mexico City. The concept of the identity of the “tacomotora” is inspired on primitive robots and steam machinery from the beginning of the industrial era. With applications that are easy to reproduce, we represent Tizne as a dynamic and fun brand.

Date: 2016
Services: Branding, Packaging, Ilustration, Industrial design

The “tacomotora” is an innovative way to sell tacos in Mexico city. This mobile grill-bike is taking the streets of Roma neighborhood, offering a very different recipe of the classical street tacos.

The process of nixtamal is well-known in Mexico and used to create the tortilla -the soft outer shell of the taco that holds all the ingredients inside. Maize is boiled in diluted quicklime, then the kernels are left out over night. This allows the mixture of cornmeal and maize flour to become malleable and cohesive. The use of blue corn “natural tortillas” emphasize the intense flavor of Tizne’s tacos.