The New Black

Black is the new black.

Black is always “in”. Starting from the famous term “the new black”, we created a concept that takes this phrase to give it a sarcastic use: whatever is trendy is always moody and superfluous. From the naming to the interior design project, we dived into a creative frenzy to conceive this workshop and multidisciplinary fashion design school located in the old quarter of the city of Monterrey. Under a free and spontaneous exercise, we created not only the interior, but also some itinerant pieces of fast-art for the TNB’s gallery.

Date: 2015
Services: Branding, Packaging, Interior

 From mural painting to object art, we engaged behind closed doors with the founders of this project into a creative frenzy on the “factory of Warhol” mood.

At the end, we criticize the beauty industry and its demand for chemical products for personal use. “Testing on humans” talks about how the global companies treat us like lab rats. We also portray satirical “street and already-made art” by adapting icon artist Banksy or parodying Duchamp with typical objects of a beauty parlor.