Beyond comfort.

Territori is a design center for sofas and armchairs, focused not only on providing the highest quality in manufacturing and materials, but also achieving the comfort that the client expects to feel. The sofa is an intimate and very personal place. Interior design products that catch the eye while taking care of the back.

Date: 2016
Services: Branding, Packaging, Interior design, Ilustration, Industrial design

For branding it was necessary to reflect the great amount of combinations, textures and colors that are offered in each tapestry or wood finish. A custom typography represents the modular combinations of every armchair.

The space was designed to give personalized attention to the customer. A showroom allows to see the final product to know all the materials used and the possibilities of design through fixed and movable samples. Our intention is to make the user feel part of the design process. The sofa is our personal territory.