Ideas as a virus.

After five years celebrating great ideas, Tag CDMX has become one of the most important cultural events in the country, not only for its excellent curatorship, but for being a link between ideas and people, in a city hungry for a revolution of thought … We had the pleasant experience of collaborating in the development of identity for our fifth edition, our way of expressing what TAG represented for us consisted in destroying structured forms and looking for the natural root of ideas, represented as a nervous system and another bone, structure and feelings … once the ideas happen they spread like a virus and invade the organisms with which it has contact. Ideas can not be contained in a specific shape or color, ideas grow naturally.

Date: 2017
Services: Branding, Art Direction, Ilustration
Industry Culture
Location Ciudad de México

Although organisms are perfect machines, when we dismember it we see a fragile and susceptible system to be destroyed, nevertheless main part of its function is to understand that weakness and to coexist in the nature. We think that ideas just like organisms need to coexist between human minds effectively.

Mexico City celebrates five years of being the meeting point of those who think differently. TagCDMX is a creative event platform that has become the creative epicenter of the country and puts everything in its power to continue strengthening an engine full of good ideas that generate economic growth, social inclusion and cultural influence.