Le Polet store

Walking on the right side.

In the design of retail space for the new Polet stores, a prestigious shoemaker in northern Mexico, we looked for a very functional walktrough experience. Based on a very clean open space without sacrificing the amount of exhibited product in the store.

Date: 2016
Services: Architecture, Interior design

Our main challenge was to make a store where space feels more open, without sacrificing the enormous amount of product that is put on display. Following the composition of the zebra crossings and urban design, the store simulates streets where the shoe “walks”, all controlled by a monochromatic palette with accents of clear wood and concrete textures. Furniture design complements the experience, and the whole creates a sense of being in a “shoe” museum.

Another major challenge was to design new ways to access the footwear and have more dynamic experiences while circulating through space, so the “racks” redefine the store as elegant yet accessible.