Notorious big slice.

In one of the busiest streets in Mexico City, is located this small place of New York style pizza. We used many of the icons of global urban culture that were born in the big apple as a pretext to make a free, fun project with a pinch of audacity. Slices of hip hop, cool sneakers and even better: pizza.

Date: 2016
Services: Branding, Packaging
Industry Hospitality
Location Mexico City

Hip hop culture has spread to both urban and suburban communities throughout the United States and subsequently the world. These elements were adapted and developed considerably, particularly the way art forms spread to new continents and merged with local styles in the 1990’s and subsequent decades. Even now, the movement continues to expand globally and explores myriad styles and art forms.

We fancy the idea of building a brand that doesn’t follow a specific line of action, but free in its way of expressing and representing the diversity of a large city in its urbanity and culture.