A mexican heritage.

“Nanna Mexico is born out of the spirit my nanna passed on to me” -Luis, the owner says. It is born out of the hardship of the Mexican streets. Out of the fight for survival. And out of the intense passion that such a life breeds.

This passion was behind the creation of Nanna Mexico nine years ago, a passion to bring his nanna’s Mexico to the UK in one authentic piece. The smells, the colours, the textures, and most importantly, the ingredients of my nanna’s kitchen are what you will find here.
It was a long way from that table in the street, but he like to think that his role now is the same as his nanna’s was way back then. To serve you delicious, fresh food to nourish you for the day ahead.

Date: 2016
Services: Branding, Interior design, Packaging
Industry Hospitality
Location Cambridge and Norwich UK

Our graphic and interior design proposal explores common materials of Mexican archeology, like the volcanic stone, as the fundamental basis of the indigenous people’s rivets and also as the Molcajete material, without leaving behind the urban culture of Mexico City, expressed in advertisements, witchcraft and sexy girls

Mexican food has had a bad reputation  in the UK  for such a long time, but only because people were doing it badly. However, once good quality, casual Mexican food arrived along with its rapid growth,  the fact was stablished: when done well, it is all about great fresh food. A burrito is a more balanced meal than a sandwich and allows customers to customise their meal in hundreds of different ways, from all of the fresh ingredients, exactly to their tastes.