Look at me <3

The most beautiful thing to exist is what we provoke in others, and everything begins with a look: love, friendship, and even hatred. Mírame narrates this act so important for the human being, in this case specifically for the female market. The woman is beautified to be seen, the sight of men and other women, reaffirms their sensuality and individuality. Branding project in collaboration with Mariana Cano.

Date: 2016
Services: Branding, Industrial design, Interior design
Industry Retail, Fashion
Location México

We play with the syllables of the word “mírame”, the spaces and the surfaces to design and generate almost melodic sets and emulate the scores of a song. Every element of the logo moves in its line, generating different harmonies in the space.

For the interior design, we respected the chromatic harmony proposed in the branding, but we conjugated it with metallic elements and woods of soft colors. The challenge was to show a clean image of the store, since it handles a high volume of exhibition items, we improved it to make it more attractive and generated niches to make a strong division by family of products.