Le Polet

Try walking in my shoes.

Shoeing the steps of Chihuahua’s people for almost 40 years, Polet brand and shops are renewed in 2016 under the leadership of our team. Besides looking for a fresh and topical image, we focused on breaking the line of the classic, and literally generate an infinite line that involves all surfaces into Polet brand behaviours, like in stores, packaging, website, etc…

Date: 2016
Services: Branding, Illustration, Packaging

This continuous line tells us how, despite the years and competition, Polet remains as the favourite shoe store in Chihuahua. Our brand projection meets with two axes: a dynamic logo/id for more flexible applications and a neutral one for formality and institutional applications. Both poles complement the nature of the project. The result wanders between elegance and informality, quality that fits.

In 2016, Mexican consumers continued to show strong loyalty to domestic manufacturers, which in the majority of cases enjoy a long-lasting presence in the market and high brand awareness. Comfort, quality of materials and pricing are the most important factors Mexican consumers value when purchasing footwear.