Well done.

Kaiser is the story of a German who came to live in Chihuahua, Mexico. Here saw the opportunity to relieve the traditions of his ancestors and join the grills of both countries in a unique blend of flavors, only suitable for carnivores (well there are also some delicious salads on the menu) Kaiser is a casual and pleasant place where good meat does not necessarily have a high price, our design project uses the imaginary Germany of the First World War, taverns where de military assembeld to drink and eat after an ardous pitched battle.

Date: 2017
Services: Branding, Packaging, Ilustration, Industrial design, Interior Design
Industry Hospitality, Food
Location Chihuahua México

The chef reminds his grandfather as a tough and firm type, as the old gentleman… For us to represent this memory was resorted to the imaginary of German generals, tough old men that reflect much experience in his craft.

We look for an interior design project that will be welcoming and simple to inhabit,  with the grill as the protagonist, this small restaurant offers the chef’s show for almost any diner, we take advantage of the space to the maximum to be able to integrate a mini bar and a cava, the furniture in spite to be casual breathes in the essence of the European dining rooms of the mid-twentieth century.