Ila Barú

Wisdom by nature

“When you take care of your body, with your food and exercise producing endorphins, you are somehow occupying your mind in healthy things, and therefore, you are in a good mood.” -Philosophy of the clients (true scholars in nutrition). Our objective in this project was to capture the spirit of nature reflected in the interior of every fruit, every living being in raw and natural brand applications.

Date: 2016
Services: Branding, Packaging, Interior design, Ilustration, Industrial design

… Through an exercise on microscopic photography we discovered the universe itself inside the entrails of a radish, a kiwi, a slice of carrot … there is nothing new to create in Ila Barú, just look at the creation, look at the interior. The architectural project contemplates three areas: organic mini market, juice bar plus coffee and nutrition consulting, a sincere and relaxed language through raw textures and terracotta shades…

Behind the challenge of communion between these areas and effective circulation in the space, it hides a new experience in the field and in Chihuahua city. Know how to eat.