Pop is about people.

This brand project is about consumer democracy, Hr! Is a chain of stores of popular products at very affordable prices, so now much of the Mexican population can do more with their money. The idea is to go back to the beginning, where design should benefit all and not only be an accessory for the upper class, this project is about doing more with less.

Date: 2016
Services: Branding, Packaging,Industrial design, Interior design
Industry Retail
Location México

We want a project that engages any type of audience, in a country with a very strong social contrast, design has to be accesible, like, really accessible. HR! appeals  to be democratic and for everyone.

We converted the traditional dollar stores into a pop mart concept where product quality is improved and a realistic price for the third world economy is preserved.

Hr! started with the idea of targeting low-income households with some sort of fixed-price idea. There was somewhat of a stigma that came with prowling the sometimes-junky aisles of these stores, but somehow, that has become less inhibiting, and that’s because over the years they have attracted more of the regular customers.