Earth is not dispossable.

Beyond composting, Devoured digests food waste leaving nothing but water behind. Its secret lays in the advanced technology and process that works in a way that delivers a cleaner, truly reliable solution to food waste. For the development of this idea, we sought to go beyond boring and formal solutions and look for a fun and different design language.

Date: 2016
Services: Branding, Packaging, Web
Industry Services
Location Seattle, USA

Vivid colors, chattering teeth and bites build the image development for Devoured, the number one requirement from the client was: have fun!

Alongside education to keep physical contaminants out of our feedstock, as well as improved screening and depackaging technologies, these materials must be better managed at composting sites. Although more complicated at times, composters must consider segregating dirty feedstocks from clean ones, perhaps producing different grades of compost at the same site. Devoured doesn’t only want to sell a product  related to soil treatment, but to make culture awareness about the importance of these kind of actions.