Chang is Thai cuisine influenced by Asian cuisine. This combination gives us the opportunity to blend thousands of visual elements from every corner of the Buddhist domain. Lights, tigers, unusual customs and thousands of flavors, create a unique atmosphere, that feeling you have when you travel to a strange and unknown place for the first time.

Date: 2016
Services: Branding, Packaging, Ilustration, Industrial design,Interior Design
Industry Hospitality, Food
Location Chihuahua México

Chang reflects several social phenomena that take place in the countries of Southeast Asia, based on a strong cultural and commercial influence of the powerful South Korea and China, this creates interesting visual paradoxes between the spiritual and the daily life.

For the interior design stage we planned the space thinking about the city of Bangkok, taking into account three main divisions: nightlife, the city with traffic, and the green beach, and with these three themes in mind, we divided the architectural set into three areas that fulfill three different functions depending on the occasion: the dining room, the bar, and the terrace. We conjugate colors and shapes that mix with each other to generate this feeling of being in a place outside the common.