In the land of princess Altai.

Altai is a therapeutic products brand whose main ingredients are the two types of cannabis, indica and sativa. The objective is to create “slow doze” products, either for patients with cancer or migraines, or for those looking for a relaxing moment. The basis of the concept is set from the discovery of a mummy at the Altai mountains in Central Asia.

Date: 2013
Services: Branding, Illustration, Packaging

The archaeological remains belonged to princess Ukok from the Pazyryk royal family who used cannabis to mitigate pain from breast cancer. Together with the agency Yonder, we have shaped a graphic concept by using illustrations where fun and  the spiritual essence of the princess is achieved.

The Altai Princess was found buried with cannabis, which she may have used to deal with her immeasurable pain. There’s more archeological evidence showing that the Pazyryk people used cannabis, wine, and opium for analgesic purposes.