Brand Flakes.

Concerning to brands, it is not important being “good” whereas being unique. Our mantra is to communicate effectively its meaning, under the “Design Thinking” method and using branding as a main resource, we generate truly genuine identities for any kind of bussines, we see brands as a archetype of visual communication that pleases the eye and charms the heart when being experienced.


When we meet, negociate and make thing clear about the work process.

Brief / Analysis

Where we collect all useful information about the project.


Where all the strategy, and concept approach resides. We, you and the idea.


All the process by far is not being created in terms on design, the form of the project.


How the project is going to be tangible trough any surface needed.


We celebrate, because... we like to celebrate.

The truth is....


We are not a happy and perfect team, there are not photos of us smiling and looking good. What there is, is people disheveled, tired and haggard. Good ideas are a problem to solve, a maximum aim, it is not about wisecracks or lucid moments, its all about work, work and more work.

There are days when the soup burns and your clients are unhappy, we have all been there, the difference resides in how we deal with those bad moments. Happiness is achieved when we solve the challenge.

Lets make love

For us, a design project is very similar to fall in love, it al begins when you meet someone, flirtration follows and hence the delivery, the first kiss, then the happy moments and afterwards comes the reality, when true love is demonstrated: in good times and in a bad. We lead our clients in this adventure called love, love for their brands, love for their work.

The ideal of the idea

We are not your ideal agency, because the ideal agency does not exist. An agency needs to fulfill something that the client is not expecting to see. An agency that follows orders without grumbling like a robot would never have achieved creating a brand like Nike.

Because the client is not always right, and neither are we. Accept it, there are days in wich luck does not favor us, even the greatest had bad days. together we will find what is ideal, even if it takes a lifetime to do so.

Smart and beauty

Beauty is everything, the beauty of a face, the beauty of a thinking brain, every act of the human being is in some way beautiful, all depends of the context.

We are yeye, a branding and design studio with international presence that seeks day to day making cult to the most beautiful act of nature: design, that invisible force that creates everything. We love to explore the space trough this nature’s gift.